Con Sidiropoulos in foreground during 
Festival of
the Epiphany 

(Photo courtesy Epiphany Greek Orthodox Church,  

Olivers Hill 
Oliver's Hill
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection)  


Con Sidiropoulos

Con Sidiropoulos describes Frankston now, and when Con first arrived to work at Nylex Frankston.

I own a boat. I used to go out every night, but now I get older, you see, and I can't do it every night. 

A lot of people fishing off the pier. Mornings and nights you see them there. From the pier, I suppose a few garfish, or some flatheads. Not much from the pier. Not much around Frankston now, around Port Phillip Bay, to be honest.

First when I come up here to see what the factory looked like, you know, to see if I want to come up here or not. So they, to make me more happy, they have about half-a-dozen Greeks lined up over there, saying "Ah, we want you here", and all that sort of thing. 

And then the bosses make sure I'll come up here, because some Greeks are here. Which, they was right. I come here, yes, and that's it. This is home now. I don't think I change another suburb or any state. I love Frankston.