New Frankston Council Offices 

(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection,  
 Photo: R Daley)  

Con Sidiropoulos

Slowly, I'd say, from seventies onwards, Frankston started to go towards Cranbourne way. Because, like I said, on this side there's not much land. And populations go that way. Langwarrin way and those things. In my time.

They changed the town, of course, because Frankston city wasn't much of that. It was only a small town then, a small village. Now is a big city. You can't compare Frankston, sixties and now. No way. None of the areas, to be honest. But city of Frankston, it is big city now.

City life always is different than country life. That's for sure. Any country you go in the world is the same. City life is much different from country life.

But even the people was before me here, you know, they described me Frankston, up where is the Nepean Highway and the pubs there, you know. 

There were trees and bush and everything. You know, like you go down Langwarrin and Karingal Hub and that thing. They are a lot different than what was those days, I'm sure they are.