Couple enjoying a stroll on Olivers Hill  
 Couple enjoying a stroll on Oliver's Hill
(Photo: Jason Pietzner)  

Con Sidiropoulos

Con Sidiropoulos talks about the establishment of the Epiphany Greek Orthodox Church in Frankston.

Those days, in 1959, about seven families sit together in somebody's house, which his name was Jack Morris, he's late Jack Morris, he's not with us anymore, and they said, help out. Because they had other churches in communities, down in Melbourne. They say why we not make one in Frankston? And those seven families got together, and put up this church here we been using, and thanks to them. And that's been done 1960 I think this finish here. And here we still have that same church what that seven people built.

The Orthodox want to get in there every Sunday, get together, when the church finish we sit in here, and have a coffee together and talk to each other. That is very important for us.