This is the history of Frankston through the words and images of the people of Frankston, for the last hundred years.

This history of Frankston covers the period of Frankston's life since Federation, 1901, to the present. It is the electronic version of the Frankston Oral/Pictorial History project produced by Frankston City Council. This version of the Frankston Oral/Pictorial History project, in the words and images of Frankston's people, is a Federation Community Project, and forms part of Frankston City Council's activities for the Centenary of F
ederation. It is a companion to the book Frankston 1950-2000, an oral/pictorial history of Frankston, published by Frankston City Council in 2000, and an earlier project, Fishing, Sand and Village Days: an oral history of Frankston from the early 1900s to 1950, published by Frankston City Library in 1985.

The last century has been a time of tremendous growth and change in Frankston. These accounts of these times are through the words of the ordinary and remarkable people of Frankston, who are part of Frankston, and who have let Frankston be a part of them. So meet some of the residents, listen to the stories, look at the photos, and enjoy the people's history of Frankston.