Joan Bosanko, Seaford 

(Photo: Jason Pietzner)

Frankston Yacht Club  

(Photo courtesy Frankston Yacht Club)  

Frankston Foreshore, 1964  
Frankston foreshore, 1964
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection, 
  Photo: International Photo and Film News, Harry Soetekouw)  


Joan Bosanko

Remembers holiday-makers in Seaford

When there used to be holiday caravan parks, the people were beautiful. You'd have people come from Richmond, they didn't have much money, but those people were so straight and loving, and kind, and friendly.

They came out - some of the caravan parks were only open from the end of November to Easter - I s'pose it must be twenty years ago now. 

They'd have their own on-site van, and they had an annex and it was the toilets there, and they just loved it, you know. And none of them had a lot of money. They came down year in and year out. Same people. 

I just like being in things. But that's part of life, I think. As a man said to me at church this morning: if you are poor, you think poor, you'll always be poor. And I think that's a very true and honest thing. I said, I've always been poor, Peter, but I said I'm quite happy. And I really am.

So I've been here fifty-one years, here, in this house. I've been here longer than anybody else. Other people think they have, but they haven't. I know I've been here longer. So that's one thing, and I'll say, I might as well stay here. I like it and I like the area, I'm quite happy, and it's not overcrowded and that. And there's some good friends around, and that means a lot to me.