Pier Hotel, circa 1950s 
Pier Hotel, circa 1950s
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection. 
donated to the collection by Mr. McKechnie) 

Pier Hotel and Kananook Creek  
Pier Hotel and Kananook Creek
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection)

 Boathouse, Frankston Foreshore   Boathouse, Frankston foreshore
(Photo: Jason Pietzner


Gus de Groot

I'm Treasurer of Operation Larder. We do food parcels through the Council, we pack them all up, we get the food in and everything else, then the Council distributes it for us, because we don' t believe we have the expertise. 

I've been involved with that, I was chairman of Red Cross. The door knocking, that's actually died down a lot. But it's more difficult to get the young people involved, because they're working, they've got a completely different way of life, whereas when I was my daughter's age I'd go to work at half past eight, I'd be home again at five, and that was it. But now she leaves for work at six-thirty in the morning, and if she's lucky she might be home at seven-thirty, quarter-to-eight at night. 

Your time factors are completely different. So they haven't got the same amount of time.


Joan Bosanko

I'm in the
Kananook Creek Association, and I'm Area Co-coordinator of Neighbourhood Watch, which is the first Neighbourhood Watch in Australia. Kananook they call it. Then I'm in a little group up at Seaford, that's only a once a month thing. I belong to the SES Appeals Committee, the State Emergency [Service]. I don't do a great lot in that one, only when they're raising money, and when they have a garage sale, I'm there. Seaford [CWA] closed. So we just have a friendly group of that group now.

They are the Country Women's Association that are in it. Not all of them stayed, but some did. Some joined other groups. But there's about twelve of us I think in that one. But they're really nice, I think there's, one Canadian lady, I'm an Australian, and I think all the others are English. There might be a couple of other Australian ones, but they're really nice ladies, and we have a good old chinwag and a laugh, and I thoroughly enjoy it.