Junior, Frankston Football Club
 Junior, Frankston Football Club
(Photo: Jason Pietzner)

George Pentland (in car) and Dick Hughes  
George Pentland (in car) and Dick Hughes
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection, 
Photo: R Daley) 


Post Office, corner Nepean Highway and  
Davey Street  
Post Office, corner Nepean Highway and Davey Street
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection) 



Junior recalls the old school bus from Langwarrin to Frankston.

I remember me adult schooling was in Frankston High here, which's now the TAFE, that was Frankston High School. There was a school bus coming in but that was for the general public and school kids, and I can remember that'd be packed and you'd be sort of hanging out the door type-thing. It was rattlin' n' rollin', mud-guards were virtually held together by fencing wire n' stuff like that. 

I often tell people that n' they say, "That's the way it was?" and I say, "Yeah, that really was the way it was".

I often think me concentration levels, I'm more worried about what I'm gonna do next. Even in my latter years, I sort of worry, oh, I've gotta do this. Now I've got me self out of the habit. Do what you've gotta do today, don't you know. Tomorrow will come. Sun'll come up and the paper'll land on the front lawn.

See that's why I'm bald. Cos you see, you can't grow grass on a busy street.