Aerial view of Frankston circa 1970s  
  (Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection)  



In me wildest dreams I never would've thought I'd see it as big as what it is today. And you can never foresee the future, but I often stop and think and say, God, I can remember forty years ago, that was such-and-such's paddock, look at it now. 

And it's like, it's there one day, the farm part of it, and the next day it's suburbia.

It's gone from; it was like a poor man's country town, from a whistle-stop to a suburb, a big suburb. It's got suburbs off it now.

It is the city of Frankston. It's just lost that little sleepy way it had about it, you know. I was proud when I was younger to say, oh yeah, I was born in Frankston. You know. 

And people say, oh yeah, I've been there. Nice little spot.