Merle and Russell  
Bowden, Frankston  

 (Photo: Jason Pietzner)


Bathing Boxes  
Bathing Boxes
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection) 


Merle Bowden

Many years ago we used to have Cameron's down in Frankston, and you could always go into Cammy's and tell him what you wanted. But you don't do that now. You just go in, and take it off the shelf, and take the wrong ones, and all sorts of things. I bought a dozen eggs last week, and I'll never forget this, and I got home and I looked at my bill, and it was $3.59! A dozen eggs! They must have been free range. Or dipped in gold. I haven't found the gold yet.

I wasn't a pub frequenter. I had too much to do. And I left that elbow-bending to other people. No I was too busy for that. Cos, if you went to the hotel in those days, you're looked down on. They'd say, she's an old soak or something.

Before, it used to be more, you'd pick up a group, you'd all go out in great heaps of people. You'd walk six and eight mile to a dance well fancy anyone doin' that now! My neighbour finds it hard to walk round from the next street to here!

Well they were quite good, we had good dances. See there was always entertainment. And you could go, and there was no worry about getting home, so if you met a good sort, he'd take you home, you know.

Well I love [Frankston]. I always wanted to live here. Always wanted to live here. And I haven't found anywhere better yet. I've dragged the caravan around Australia about three times. Right round. And I can't find anywhere better.