Relocated War Memorial,  Nepean Highway,  Frankston  
 Relocated War Memorial, Nepean Highway, Frankston
(Photo: Jason Pietzner)


Old War Memorial before relocation, opposite
 Grand Hotel

(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collectio

Merle Bowden

Merle Bowden is in the Peninsula Ex-Service-Women's Association, and talks about the establishment of the Association.

One of the men up at the RSL said to a lady, he knew she was an ex-service lady, why don't you all start up a club. So the word went round Frankston, and I was their first Secretary, and their Membership Officer, so I raced around, and the first year we got fifty-eight members, and the next year we got 118, and the next year I think we got up to 140. And then one died on me. Which was very thoughtless. Well I think it's thoughtless and I tell them all it's thoughtless. Because I have to change my book you see. It's a very good club, an excellent club. And we try to look after everyone.