Davey's Bay
Davey's Bay
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection) 

First house on right going up Olivers Hill  
(Picture taken before landslide)  

( Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection)  


Neil and Rose Bond

Neil and Rose Bond discuss fishing together in the early parts of the century, when attitudes to women were quite different, and the locals had varied attitudes to Rose getting in there and fishing with "the boys".


They used to tease me of course, but nothing nasty, they were just a lovely lot of men really and some of them are still here, but some of them are gone.

In the beginning I always thought that women shouldn't wear pants, that was for the men, but I fell out of the boat a couple of times when I got caught up with my skirt. My husband would look at me and say "Rose". He never knew whether to laugh or swear at me, so I thought I better get myself a pair of pants. Finally, I got those big wading boots that come up under your arms and that was much more comfortable and much warmer too.


In those days they wouldn't give a woman a [fishing] license, and now the regulations are all different. If you have a Master Fisherman's License for an extra so much, I've forgotten what it is now, you can have a crewman, you can have five crewmen providing you pay the same amount five times. Well in those days everybody had to have a license even your helper had to have a license, but we never got caught. 

We reckoned that no magistrate or judge if they took her up to court would fine her, because of the fact that just because she's a woman, you see and they wouldn't give her a license so why would they stop her from fishing. Of course now there are women on the scallop boats. Fishing with licenses, and scallops are a lot harder work than the work we do.