Shirley and Bill Prendergast near 
Grand Hotel, Nepean Highway, 
Frankston, circa 1950s 
Shirley and Bill Prendergast near Grand Hotel, Nepean Highway, Frankston, circa 1950s
(Photo courtesy Shirley and Bill Prendergast) 

War Veteran's Home, Overport Road  
War Veteran's Home, Overport Road
(Photo courtesy Frankston Library Local History Collection) 


Shirley and Bill Prendergast


Shirley's a Life Member of the RSL up there, [we're both] Life Member's of the [Frankston] Football Club

Like when we played cricket, in the RSL cricket team and like that, Shirley's come around and score, get the afternoon tea and things like that, and that happened probably fifty years or more. 


It's not just sport in the RSL. There's all sorts of things. Well I've been connected with the Ladies' Auxiliary since we were in Thompson Street and that's going back nearly sixty years, and that. And you're working there for charity, the war veteran's homes, and you run things for welfare. And that sort of thing, where there's more involvement with people in the township.

And I've just been talked into recently - I always get talked into things- I'm doing welfare. 

We go out and visit the homes and that, and I suppose there's per month we visit, there's only six of us, oh we just lost one last week, so there's only five of us now.

I suppose we visit the best part of 250 people a month. In the nursing homes. It's a lot for a few people. And that is very rewarding. I didn't know whether I could do it, but it is very rewarding. And they appreciate it. So there's a lot of other things go on in that sort of thing as far as RSLs are concerned. And it's good, really. Because that makes you involved in the work around the town. Knowing what goes on.